A Luxurious Moment in the Afternoon


We enjoyed the Classic Afternoon Tea at New Otani’s Garden Lounge.

It is more than enough for one to eat alone and it was a sufficient even after sharing it with my husband.


There are seven petit cakes from PATISSERIE SATSUKI on the top tier.


On the second tier are four rum raisin scones made with “Hakkoku Mai” (eight grain rice) flour, a New Otani original blend.

There is also whipped butter, sour cream, sunflower honey, strawberry jam, and orange marmalade to go with the scones. (Unlike clotted cream, the butter was whipped.)

The sunflower honey is very rich, unlike any I have tasted, as well as the whipped butter.


We started eating from the bottom tier, beginning with the sandwiches.

The sandwiches are prepared bite sized and individually wrapped to keep them moist.

The sandwiches are roast beef, smoked salmon, and roast chicken.

The Caramelized Banana Brioche was so delicious that words cannot describe.


The rum raisin scones were rich and heavy.

I topped the scone with whipped butter and plenty of orange marmalade.

I was already getting full after eating one scone and having shared the sandwiches and Brioche.


I was so full that I was only going to eat the macaroon, but I wanted to eat the Super Cheese Cake. This is truly the taste of New Otani.


The strawberry short cake was light and not too sweet.


This cupcake makes me feel happy just looking at it.


The artistic Opera cake with its layers of chocolate.


A cream puff filled with cream sweetened with “Wasanbon” sugar.


The chocolate eclair filled with ganache that melts in your mouth.


I am so grateful to have enjoyed this elegant afternoon overlooking this view of the lush beautiful Japanese garden. It is almost hard to believe that we are actually in the center of the city.

Visit the official site for more information on the Classic Afternoon Tea. (Japanese)

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GARDEN LOUNGE Overlooking the Japanese Garden

We enjoyed the Sandwich & Sweets Buffet, from Garden Lounge that overlooks the Japanese Garden of Hotel New Otani.

The view of the vibrant greenery of the trees, the red arched bridge, the carp ponds and waterfall, help you forget the hustle and bustle of the city as the time passes leisurely by.

We enjoyed an elaborate number of sandwiches and sweets.

The fatigue of our hectic daily life will be healed after a delicious moment.

You can find more information about the GARDEN LOUNGE in English at the official site.

You can see the latest menu for the Sandwich & Sweets Buffet in Japanese here.

We truly hope that Hotel New Otani will continue to maintain and protect the beautiful Japanese garden with a history of over 400 years.

Read more about the Japanese Garden and its History

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