mendokoro NAKAJIMA

mendokoro NAKAJIMA

Not only are the handmade udon and soba noodles delicious, but also you can also enjoy the warmth and comfort of the shop.

It is the personality of the staff that creates the homely atmosphere.

I’d like to thank all of the staff for theirhospitality and warm smile.

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Suppon Hot Pot Udon

Nothing can beat eating a hot pot (nabe) in the cold winter!

As the staff removes the lid of the earthen pot, you will notice that it is still simmering.

The ingredients include soft-shell turtle, shrimp, soft-boiled egg, fish cake (kamaboko), mugwart (yomogi), rice cakes, mushrooms, green onions, spinach, etc.

The soft-shell turtle nabe with udon noodles really warms the body to the core.

You will not notice it in the photo, but the noodles are almost transparent.

This is one hot pot full of collagen.

It can be said that the attention given to this dish is truly superb.

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Curry Udon

It’s the perfect season for Curry Udon!

It will warm you up to the core

After you have finished eating the handmade Udon, you put the brown rice into the remaining curry soup.

Your stomach and soul will be full of warmth.

It is such an exquisite taste that you are sure to be hooked after your first try.

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Autumn Feeling

When going under the noren (shop curtain) of Noodle Shop mendokoro NAKAJIMA, you will be welcomed with warm smiles by the ladies in Kimono.

You can feel the elegance of Japan in each and every movement.

The restaurant has seating at a table or in a tatami room with a sunken floor beneath the table for comfortable legroom and counter seating as shown in the photo above,

Will the Matsutake mushroom steal the show again this autumn?

Japanese noodles topped full of Matsutake lets us get the feeling of autumn.

The duck from Vendée, France and soup complements the Matsutake.

This is Matsutake Tempura and soba.
It can be enjoyed with citrus or dipped in the soup with grilled green onions and duck.  But I felt that the salt was the perfect combination.
And the Japanese noodles are truly impressive.
You can really feel Nakajima Chef’s passion through his creations.

It is the taste enjoyed only at mendokoro NAKAJIMA..

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