Ricotta Pancakes

I have never had such fluffy pancakes

The fluffy texture of the new specialty pancakes is created by interlacing ricotta and meringue.

The flavor of the custard is like being wrapped around by a gentle breeze.

I have finally experienced the exquisite taste of the pancake which became the #1 hit product after being introduced on TV.

Three strengths of maple syrup, extra-light, light, and medium are provided.

For more information on the New Otani Specialty Pancakes, click here (Japanese Site)

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Chocolate Parfait

This is a 7-layered parfait which includes a cinnamon stick cookie, vanilla ice cream with chocolate ice cream inside, whipped cream, chocolate ice cream , corn flakes, strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream..

Enjoying a chocolate parfait in the dead of winter inside a warm room is the best!


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