An Impressive Masterpiece

The recommended autumn dessert is without question the “Super Mont Blanc.”

You can fully enjoy the rich, genuine taste of the chestnuts in this authentic Mont Blanc at Patisserie SATSUKI.

It is no surprise that it is called “Super Mont Blanc.”

It is about the size of a baseball!

Notice how tightly packed it is inside the Mont Blanc.

Under the chestnut paste is a simmered sweet chestnut, fresh cream, a pudding‐like arrowroot cake and jellied bean paste.  The tart at the bottom also contains chestnuts.

If you have never tried Mont Blanc before, I highly recommend you try this one. It is truly an impressive masterpiece.

The sweets sold in Patisserie SATSUKI can also be enjoyed in SATSUKI.

I am always impressed by their attention and delicious creations.

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Unforgettably Delicious

To come across such a fashionable and delicate pudding is a first for me.

This Pure Peach Pudding has four layers.

The bottom layer is a rich custard pudding with caramel syrup at the bottom.

The next layer is rose hip jelly that contains pieces of peach, topped with plenty of fresh cream.

The top layer is peach jelly containing pieces of peach.

Oh, to enjoy the many different tastes at once is impressive.

It was an unforgettable taste and will be one of the lasting summer memories.

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Delicious Harmony

Coffee Jelly made its debut at Patisserie Satsuki this summer.

Surprisingly, the size of the glass is 8.5 cm (3 1/4″) in diameter.

It is topped with plenty of fresh cream containing vanilla beans, and yet a light-tasting sweetness.

We enjoyed the harmony of fresh cream and coffee jelly.

Why don’t you give it a try?

You can find other delicious sweets at Patisserie SATSUKI. (Japanese)

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