Fantasy Christmas

Passing down the long corridor through the arches of shimmering light, your heart beats faster as you’ve entered the world of Fantasy.

The Christmas tree reaching to the ceiling is surrounded by beautiful paintings and furniture.

You are surrounded by the sweet tranquility.

It give us the illusion that we have traveled through time and space, and suddenly stepped into Paris.

La Tour D’Argent’s Christmas theme for this year is “Paris, Je t’aime.”

Why not spend Noël in Paris, the city most suited for “amour” (love), with that special person.

The fork from Italy which is displayed in front of the silver tray, was the first one ever used at a restaurant.

It is even more enchanting with the gorgeous arrangement of poinsettia.

La Tour D’Argent is welcoming the Christmas season filled with elegance and love.

Why not spend some blissful moments with that special person in your life in the Grand Maison of La Tour D’Argent.

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