Urban Resort – Day 1


The purpose of our stay this time was to spend time by the Garden Pool, enjoying the resort feeling.

The room was the same type as our last stay except for a few changes, such as having a full length mirror on the closet door and a Bose speaker with great sound. We really enjoyed this room. Although it was a 36 square meter room, it was elegantly arranged to feel comfortable.


Upon opening the bathroom blinds, we could sense the openness looking through the room, viewing the greenery of the Japanese Garden.


Tea time had already begun, so we had scones, raspberry filled ”Boules de Berlin” doughnuts by Pierre Hermé Paris (Executive House Zen only), etc.


What a bliss! Raisin and chocolate chip filled scones topped with clotted cream and raspberry jam.


Such a perfect combination! Doughnuts and raspberry. Indeed it is Pierre Hermé Paris!


The lounge is a harmony of Japanese and Modern design, giving it its calm and relaxing atmosphere.

We were blessed with great weather as the end of the rainy season was announced on this exact day, so we were able to enjoy the pool to the fullest.


At cocktail time, we had a pomegranate based Shirley Temple and a cassis based Kir Royale (both non-alcoholic).

Isn’t the sky reflected off the glass table top beautiful!


The canapes I liked was the asparagus wrapped with raw ham.


Here is what my husband had.  It looks like cheese is his favorite.


After some time, the sun started setting, creating an impressive reflection off the “Main” windows.


This time, perhaps because of our swim in the pool, we were so hungry that we decided to have dinner at KATO’S DINING & BAR.

I had the unfrozen raw maguro, and raw squid which was so soft that it was like it melted in my mouth.


My husband had Japanese style beef stew using beef from Japanese Black Cattle.


The KATO’S DINING & BAR is the place to enjoy authentic “Kaiseki” dishes at a reasonable price.


Upon returning to Executive House Zen, we went to the lounge for a night cap with dry fruit, chocolate, and nuts, and returned to our room.

We are thankful that we could relax in the flow of time, enjoying the resort feeling to the fullest.  It was such a wonderful day.

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Urban Resort – Day 2



On the morning of the second day, the summer sky spread out on the horizon with heart shaped clouds.


At breakfast we could enjoy the fresh vegetables grown at “Ebihara Farm”, and Pierre Hermé Paris’ croissants which is served only at Executive House Zen.


There is also hotel bread, cereal, yogurt, rice porridge and soup.


The “Ebihara Farm” vegetables from New Otani’s dedicated farm are so sweet and savory.

I particularly liked the purple sweet potato.


The 20 cm croissant which is said to be the best in the world, is truly delicious.  I wanted to eat many more.


I topped the rice porridge with most of the condiments provided.


Description and Efficacy

Plocamium Telfairiae Red Shizuo with its unique refreshing flavor and vivid color.

Safflower    Helps the blood flow well and remove the stasis of blood.

Whitebait  Prevents high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries, and  reduces cholesterol.

Seaweed boiled down in soy sauce  Vitamin-rich and containing carotene, assists in anemia prevention, regulates the intestinal function, and beautiful skin.

Flaked salmon Contains EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids.

Seaweed ball Increases your appetite when put on rice.

Simmered Asari Clams in Sweetened Soy Sauce Contains Vitamin B12 and is relatively rich in iron.

Pickled Plum  Assists in recovery of fatigue, prevention of hardening of the arteries, cancer preventon, and anti-aging.

Salted Kelp  Highly effective in the prevention of high blood pressure and stroke.

Pine Nuts Moistens the lungs and trachea, activates the movement of the internal organs, and keeps your hair youthful.

Wolfberry Helps relieve fatigue of the eyes and chronic lower back pain.  A Chinese herbal medicine to assist the internal organs


To finish off our breakfast, we had Musk Melon.

And so went our leisure breakfast in the Lounge.  After breakfast we went swimming in the pool again and floated on the inner tube looking up into the sky, enjoying our holiday to its fullest.

If there is another chance this summer, by all means, I would like to stay at the Executive House Zen and swim in the Garden Pool.

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