A “New Otani” Exceeding New Otani


As it was our wedding anniversary, we decided to stay at “Executive House Zen“.

This hotel is located in Hotel New Otani’s Main, with a “hotel-in-hotel” concept, and has a separate front desk.


The ambience of the entrance reminds us of the silence and calmness that is at the core of the Japanese spirit.


We were led into the lounge with its chic and subdued colors.

We were looking forward to enjoying the “Food Presentation” which is held in this lounge four times throughout the day.


Before going through the check in procedure, we were served a welcome drink of Hiyashi ame cha, a cold drink made of chilled syrup mixed with other ingredients.

We have already gotten a taste of the special Omotenashi (hospitality) that we will enjoy throughout our stay.


Interwoven with the Japanese style, the room is modern and elegant unique to Executive House Zen, radiating the sophisticated beauty and peace.


I was so impressed by the lovely flower arrangement which had been prepared in celebration of our wedding anniversary.



The bath is separated by a glass door, lending to its openness. The bathrobes and towels, soft and pleasant to the touch, are lined in an orderly fashion.

The bath amenities by Ferragamo and the basic cosmetics by Elixir are provided.

I particularly liked the bath oil with olive aroma.

The milky white aroma oil with its rose scent filling the air was soothing to both mind and body.


When we opened the curtain, we could see the Japanese garden below us with its 400 year history.


In the lounge, the tea time food presentation was already under way.

・Matcha Pound Cake with Kuromame Black Beans (Zen only)
・Leaf Pie by New Otani’s “Patisserie SATSUKI”
・Castella (Sponge Cake) by “Patisserie SATSUKI”
・Japanese Confectionary by Shiono, Akasaka
・Rice Crackers


・Raspberry Filled ”Boules de Berlin” Doughnuts by Pierre Hermé Paris (Zen only)
・Cookies by Pierre Hermé Paris
・Pound Cakes


They also had petit cakes by “Patisserie SATSUKI.”
From left to right: Raspberry Chocolate Cake, Short Cake, Cheese Cake, and Opera Cake.


For a limited time, until June 30th, they also served Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne.


We enjoyed the Perrier-Jouët Champagne along with scones, quiche, pound cake, and the raspberry filled ”Boules de Berlin” doughnuts by Pierre Hermé Paris.

In the slow passing of the time, we were content with the tastiness of each morsel unique to New Otani.


I was able to experience Vintage Darjeeling tea from freshly plucked tea leaves for the first time.

This tea is certified by the Tea Board of India and is selected by the world renown Master Tea Taster, Sanjay Kapur, to serve to the state guests. I am very happy to have been able to drink this tea which can only be had at this time.

It was a pleasure to eat the Opera Cake, Lemon Cake, and the pretty Japanese Confectionary.


Just looking at the view of the lush green of the Akasaka Palace and Jingu Gaien that can be seen from the lounge, brought a smile to my face.


Cocktail TIme begins at 5:30.

・Foie Gras Canapes of Terrine
・Moussed Peas topped with Cream Cheese and Ham
・Cream Cheese by Crema Bel Paese
・Camembert Cheese by Pave d’Affinois
・Vegetable Sticks
・We had freshly squeezed Orange Juice.

We could sense the passion and commitment by the staff in selecting quality foods for us all to enjoy.


When we returned to our room after dark, we could clearly see Tokyo Tower.


For breakfast, we had Pierre Hermé Paris Croissant which is said to be the best in the world.

You can only eat this Croissant at New Otani’s Executive House Zen and The Ritz Carlton, Kyoto (the croissant is half the size of Zen), and it is said that people come to stay at Executive House Zen for the opportunity to eat it.

We were surprised to hear that they spend 72 hours to make the croissants by applying the dough one layer at a time.

The outside is golden brown and crisp, and the inside is springy and moist and was very flavourful.

In addition to this we had other dishes such as organic vegetables from “Ebihara Farm,” and ham.


We sincerely thank the dedicated staff with their warm and meticulous service for making our wedding anniversary a luxurious and memorable one.

Visit the Official Site for more details.

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