Summer Party in Côte d’Azur?


Our Summer Party was held on July 30, 2011 in the private room of La Tours d’Argent.

The blue carpet, luxurious chandeliers, and lovely table setting give us the impression of attending a wedding party.


With the foresight of the staff, comfortable chairs were arranged to one side of the room for us to relax and wait until all members were present.


In this showcase is displayed a bottle of brandy that was produced in 1788.


This large and gorgeous arrangement of lily and delphinium gave off such a fragrant scent.


Here is the register book which we all signed.


The first dish was “Flowery Marché on the Waterfront” which included sweet shrimp which seemed to melt in our mouths.


Spontaneous gasps of pleasure were heard at the sight of the colorful tones of summer vegetables of the second dish which was ”Terrine of Seasonal Vegetables.”


“Balmain Parmentier Cold Potato Soup” was a very mellow Vichyssoise.


For the main dish, we had “Caneton Marco Polo.”  The young duckling was tender and mild and was the gem of the course.

Excitement and tension took hold of the moment as the cloche food covers were removed in unison at the signal of the French General Manager.


For dessert, we had “Citron Vert Chiboust.” The feather like ornament is dried pineapple.

We could enjoy the harmony of creamy cake and refreshing lime ice cream.


At the end, we had small sweets together with tea or coffee.  We thoroughly enjoyed the lovely and delicious French cuisine to our heart’s content.

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Sparkling Brunch


As you set foot in the restaurant, it is like you have stepped onto an island paradise in the South Pacific!

It feels as if you are cruising through the Polynesian Islands.


The selection of international dishes is full of variety.


Here is the table for the “children” , big and small, to make your burgers as you like.


There is a variety of hors d’oeuvres in many colors.


There are a number of different rooms in the restaurant, but we were guided to the Captain Cook Room.


The room with blue tone was decorated with numerous pictures and models of tall ships that Captain Cook had sailed.


After toasting with a glass of sparkling wine, I started with the hors d’oeuvres.

At the Manager’s recommendation, I had Chinatown chicken salad, shrimp cocktail and Camembert cheese on the cracker, which was all very delicious.


From the large selection of rich international cuisine I chose the spare rib, chimaki (sticky rice dumplings), Malay style fried noodles, shrimp in sea urchin sauce, fried wonton, shumai (pork dumpling), and the Nyonya style steamed red snapper.


Here is roasted ​​beef loin and thick-sliced pork .

Meat roasted in the wood-fired Chinese Oven is also very fragrant.


This is the roasted chicken.

My husband was very satisfied by the large selection of meat.


The recommended Green Curry, although spicy, was a gem balanced by the sweetness of the coconut milk.


By the time we reached the dessert, we had become considerably full.


I had and a cupcake, peach cobbler, and a brownie along with the original blend coffee.


Tasty hot coffee is said to keep the foam for a long time, and this coffee kept the foam right up to the very last and the smell and taste of the coffee made us want another glass.


We were embraced by the different culture of the tropics, all without leaving Japan..


We not only enjoyed the delicious cuisine but also the wonderful dream of a trip that lingers on.

Thanks to the staff, we were able to enjoy the luxurious time.

Trader Vic’s

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